A new picture book by author Monica DiIorio will be published by Clear Fork Publishing in Fall of 2022! It will be illustrated by Kate Adams.

When Seraphina the jolly angel is remembering the first Christmas, Dominic the little cherubic angel has an idea.

“That was a special night! Can we remember that first Christmas together?” Dominic asked.

As Seraphina recalls the events of that holy night, Dominic is inspired to sing as a special way to remember and celebrate the night of Jesus’ birth. As the two angels sing God’s praises the sleepy pine grove comes alive around them. The woodland animals stir to add their own contribution to the celebration. Choirs of other angels come to join in song with their own stars to put on top of the lovely pine trees in the forest. In the end the sleepy pine forest is awake with the sound of the angels’ singing.   The most important aspect of the book is of course the brief retelling of the first Christmas. However, this book also has an encouraging message which helps children understand that they can celebrate and remember the first Christmas in meaningful ways as well.