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Monica DiIorio is a wife, mother, grandmother and author. She loves living near the ocean in a tall yellow colonial in Connecticut. She has two cuddly cats who lounge on the furniture, blue Hydrangea bushes in the yard and a teapot collection in the kitchen. She has spent many happy years working in education and in libraries. In particular, she has previously worked as a school Librarian for elementary school, middle school and high school.

Monica DiIorio is the author of a children’s picture book Christmas Angel Song. It is now available!  The book is illustrated by Kate Adams.




Welcome to my website. Many people ask authors why they love to write books. Here is a short note to you explaining some of my reasons for wanting to write books for you!

The first time I read a book I had no idea that I was beginning a lifelong love of reading. I didn’t know all of the adventures and discoveries that were waiting for me in the pages of a good book. I did know when I began reading books on my own that I loved reading. I would open the cover of a book and dive into reading using the deep ocean of my imagination. The author’s words would light up my way to adventures like a lighthouse safely guiding a boat around the seashore. As the author’s words told the story, I was able to explore worlds both real and imaginary.

Through good books, I would learn the meaning and the beauty of words. I would discover truths about people, friendship, life and love. I made these discoveries with the same joy and wonder that a child might feel as they discover the treasure of beautiful, sparkling shells on the sandy seashore.

I have been writing stories for a long time. I was finally ready to send my stories out to publishers. It was my hope that they would become published books and like small boats would sail out into the world. My goal is to write books that are positive, hopeful, inspiring, and fun. I hope that my books find their way to the deep ocean of your imagination. I want to bring the same sense of joy and wonder to you, that I experienced when I held one of my favorite books in my hands. The same joy that I still experience today, whenever I read a good book.

Best wishes,

Mrs. D